How to: Set up your payment methods

Complete the information for your preferred payment method in just a few minutes!

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Add your payment method in minutes:

✔️ Step 1: Click on "Wallet" and you must select "Send Money":

✔️ Step 2: Click on "Transfer to new owned account" or "Transfer to a third party account" (only for bank accounts) depending on your preferences:

✔️ Step 3: Choose your payment method between:

If you choose Bank Transfer

  1. You must select the country where your bank account is located (It is very important to note that we do not accept transfers to personal bank accounts or third parties that are from Venezuela)

2. Then you must select the currency how you want to receive your money. Also here is the step to specify your Bank (Recipient Bank)

3. You must enter the following basic information (sometimes it may be different depending on the country and bank selected):

  • First name of the account holder

  • Last name of the account holder

  • Bank account type: Savings or Checking

  • Account Number

  • Identification Type: The same registered in your bank account

  • ID number

After filling in all the fields required, that would be all! You will see your account added in the section Saved accounts.

If you choose Payoneer

Your information will be automatically filled in with the information registered in your Ontop account. You just have to add the email related to your Payoneer account.

Note: You can't add a third-party account for this kind of account. It must be your personal Payoneer account. Also, please note that you must make sure you are logged into the Payoneer link before sending your transfer or it will fail.

If you choose "Cryptocurrency"

How do I verify the network?
Enter the platform or official website of the destination wallet and check which networks are available for the currency you are going to transfer.
Why is it important to verify it?
If you send money through a network that the destination wallet does not use, the money will not reach you because the two networks are not compatible and you will lose your funds.

  1. Your information will be automatically filled in with the information registered in your Ontop account. Verify the information and let's click on "Continue" (Please note that we cannot send transfers to third-party crypto wallets)

  2. Finally you have to add the next information and select "Connect my account"

    • Wallet Adress (Here you can see an example of a wallet address 👉 0x749a9fb3a5448c669775417d7b54a6efd5d13ebe)

    • Crypto Currency: USDT, USDC

    • Network: ERC-20 o BEP-20

If you choose "Transfer to debit cards"

Select the country to which you want to send the transfer.

Note: If you want to send a transfer to a debit card, we want to inform you that the only countries that have this option available are:

  • El Salvador (accepts only VISA cards)

  • Honduras (accepts only VISA cards)

  • Dominican Republic (accepts only VISA cards)

  • Nicaragua (accepts VISA and Mastercard cards)

  • Philippines (accepts VISA and Mastercard cards)

  • Peru (accepts only VISA cards)

It's Done! 🚀

When you have completed these steps, on the main screen, you can see the summary and also in front of every payment method you will se two options:

  • Send Money: To start a withdrawal process to that payment method

  • View Info: To see all the details of your payment method and also delete it if you need it

If you have further questions, feel free to contact our support team via chat 😊

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