Add your payment methods in a few clicks.

Step 1: Go to Payment on the header menu and click on on Payment Set Up

Step 2: Press on Add Payment Method

Step 3: Choose between ACH, Credit Card or Wire Transfer

Step 4: If you choose Credit Card

  • If the information is correct you will get a "Done" message on screen

  • If there’s a mistake you will get an "Error" message will appear

(please check your Credit Card Information and try again).

Step 3.2: If you choose ACH

  1. Enter your Bank Account Information

  2. Click on Add Bank Account

    • We’ll verify your bank account! For new bank accounts added, verification may take 1-2 business days.

    • Once the account is verified, your Bank Account Info is safe with us.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us via chat 😊.

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