Step 1: Select the option "New hire" from the "Contracts" dropdown menu or from the homepage.

Step 2: Select one of the options on-screen, according to your needs.

  • Single Contract: Create a contract for one person.

  • Bulk upload of contracts: Create contracts for a group of people. With this option, you will have to download an Excel format, fill all the information required and upload the document to our platform.

Keep in mind that "Bulk upload of contracts" is only available for the option "You Sign".

Step 3: Choose the type of contract you want to create.

  • Traditional: Pay a fixed amount recurrently (monthly, biweekly o weekly).

  • Pay per task/time: Pay a fixed rate for each hour/day worked or task/session performed.

  • Results driven: Pay for a specific task or assignment delivered.

Step 4: Select how you want the contractor to be hired.

  • Ontop signs: Ontop signs the contract on your behalf, while you keep control of the day-to-day operations related to the contractor.

  • You sign: Use our platform to set up an agreement, and sign your contract.

Step 5: Select the corresponding "Contractor’s tax residency".

Step 6: Add the information requested to the fields on-screen.

  • General information (first and last name of the contractor, start and end date of the contract).

  • Type of contract (Ontop’s format or your own).

  • Role (contractor’s area, role name, role description, and responsibilities).

  • Payments (currency, payment amount, payment date and cycle, amount of the first payment, and commission if required).

  • Review and sign (contract verification and signing)

  • Assign to contractor (Invite your contractor to also review and sign the contract by adding their email address and a welcome message. Then click on "Send invite").

Once you have sent the invite, the contractor will receive a welcome email with all the information and instructions on how to create their own account in the platform and sign the contract.

Keep in mind that you can visualize all your contracts in the option "Contract list" from the "Contracts" dropdown menu.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us via chat (Don't forget to log in or create an account before reaching out to us). 😊

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