Step 1: Select “Payments” and then “Payment Approval”.

Step 2: Review the information of the contractor(s), add a bulk commission or extra payment if necessary, edit the amount or delete an extra payment. Then, check the box and press the “Approve” button.

Now, you will have the option of "Shopping Cart" this new feature will make it faster to approve your payments. When you approve the payment of your contractors, the "Shopping Cart" option will now appear in the upper right part of your screen.

You must click on "Pay now" and you will see the following screen:

Here you can see the approved payments, they can be there for 24 hours for you to approve them and if you do not need to approve one, you can remove the selection and you will be able to make the payment to your contractors.

You can also preview the invoice and you will see the information that you will have to pay.

Per tasks

Step 1: Go to Payments - Payment Approval and select “Pay per task”

Step 2: On the sort by option select “Date from most recent to oldest” so it is easier to organize the invoices.

Step 3: Go to the contractor you want to review, click on the 3 dots, and select “Approve”

Step 4: Here you will have to add the info about hours, dates. Once it is complete, just click on “Approve”.

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