Certificate of Social Security contributions. We explain more about the subject.

What is it?

Social security is the coverage for each worker or contributor in the risks of alteration to health, incapacity for work, unemployment, old age, and death, for whose protection the Health, Pension, Occupational Risk, and Family Subsidy systems were established.

In the case of contractors, only the Health and Pension contribution is mandatory, while ARL and Compensation Fund are optional.

What is it for?

In the case of persons bound by an independent contractor agreement, the social security contribution must be made by the contractor, since his activity does not constitute an employment relationship.

However, it is the contracting party's duty to verify that the independent contributor is making the contributions continuously.

What do we do with this information?

The contribution certificate is requested only to validate that the contributions have been made continuously and periodically, thus guaranteeing the protection of the contractor against the risks associated with health and old age.

Remember that every month you must upload this document to our platform, we indicate the step-by-step.

Step 1: You must enter your account, at the top in the "Documents" section.

Step 2: To upload your social security document, you must click on "View More".

Step 3: Now, you just have to click on the "+ Add Document" section.

Step 4: You just have to fill in the following information:

1. Title: You must enter the receipt for social security.

2. Month: You must enter the month the social security was paid.
3. Year: You must enter the year the social security was paid.

4. Choose a file: Select the file for social security that you want to upload.

Then you need to click on "Save" to upload the social security certificate.

Step 5: When you fill in the data, you will see that your social security certificate is already uploaded, with the date you entered it.

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