Top up your virtual card and start spending globally

• Transfer the amount you want right from your wallet.
• You are all set to pay with your card.

Keep in mind that the card can only be recharged with money from your wallet, and the process is only available on our desktop version. More info here.

How can I top up my card?
Oops, you went a little overboard with online shopping? 🛍 Don't worry about a thing ... We got you covered! Go to the virtual card tab and click on the "top-up card" button then choose the amount you want to add to your virtual card.

PS: Remember that the value depends on your wallet balance.

Is there a top-up limit?
Relax take it easy 🙄... There is a USD 1,000 maximum limit per top-up; however, you can do as many top-ups as you want 😋

May I top up my card with other methods besides the ontop wallet?
Not yet! 🥲 For the moment we only admit top-ups from the wallet

Now... how can you recharge the card after activating it? We explain how to do it!

Step 1: After having activated your Ontop virtual card and following the steps described above; You must go to the "Card" section and click on the "Top-up card".

Step 2: Fill in the transfer amount and click the confirm button.

Step 3: All set! Your card has been successfully recharged.💸

Congratulations, you’ve done it 🚀!

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us via chat (friendly reminder if you want to contact us by login into your account or creating one).😊

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