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How to Complete the Verification Process
How to Complete the Verification Process

This is the step by step and some tips to complete the verification process in your account.

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Once you have created your Ontop account, a pop-up window will appear automatically to start the verification process.

✔️ Step 1: Please click on Accept to start the process.

✔️ Step 2: You must complete the verification process from your phone and you will be able to start that process using a QR code or from a link sent to your email.

✔️ Step 3: You must select the country where you are living and then the platform will ask you for:

👉 A photo of your document to verify your identity

👉 A short video of your face


In order to be automatically verified, please keep in mind the next 5 tips in the uploading document and video processing

📌 Have at least 2 identity documents at hand

👥 National identity card, driver's License, Passport, Bank Certificate or Utility Bill.

📌 Use valid identity documents

✔️ The identity documents that you use must be currently valid.

📌 Do not use copies

🖨️ The verification process should only be done using your original identification document.

📌 Well-lit room

💡 To have a successful verification, it is necessary that the place you are in is well-lit. Avoid using flash since it can create reflections on the captured image. This helps to avoid errors in the biometric process.

📌 Do not wear glasses

👓 This avoids errors in the biometric process.

That's all 🚀

While you're waiting for verification, you'll see this yellow banner. It may take an estimated 24 hours to see your account fully verified.

Remember that you must wait that time before contacting support since this process will be done automatically within that time.

✔️ How do I know that I am verified? ✔️

When the process has finished and your account is correctly verified,

you will see this green banner!

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us via chat 😊

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