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How to: Organize and select invoices to pay your workers
How to: Organize and select invoices to pay your workers
Here's all you need to know to keep your workers' invoices organized and ready for payment.
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Organizing and selecting invoices can be a daunting task when it comes to managing your payroll. That's why we've redesigned our Pay Now section to simplify the process and make it more efficient.

In this article, we'll guide you through the steps of organizing and selecting your invoices, so you can easily manage your payroll.

Selecting Invoices ✅

Selecting invoices in our new Pay Now section is now easier than ever. You can select up to 1000 invoices to pay at once, making the process of paying your employees more efficient.

Select them individually…

…or use the general selection checkbox, which will select all the invoices in a page. This allows you to quickly select multiple invoices without having to check them off one by one.

Once you've selected your invoices, you can proceed to pay them using our streamlined payment system.

In addition to paying your invoices, you also have the option to export a summary of the selected invoices for your records.

You can also edit them in bulk. This feature allows you to make changes to multiple invoices at once, saving you time and effort.

We've also made it easy to view your invoices by changing the pagination. You can choose to view anywhere from 5 to more than 1000 invoices on a single page, depending on your preference.

Assigning Tags 🏷️

In our new Pay Now section, we've added a feature that allows you to easily manage your invoices by assigning them tags. These tags can be used to filter your invoices and keep track of their status.

When you click the tag column of an invoice, you'll see a dropdown menu where you can select a tag from the following options: Inactive, Pending, To Review, To Edit, and To Pay.

Assigning a tag to an invoice will help you stay organized and prioritize your payments. Whether you're waiting for approval or need to make edits, you can easily filter your invoices by their tags and stay on top of your payroll.

Filtering Invoices 🔍

We understand that organizing invoices can be overwhelming, especially when dealing with large amounts of data. That's why we've implemented powerful filters in our new Pay Now section to help you quickly find the invoices you need.

One of the most important filters is the date range filter, which allows you to select a specific time frame for your invoices. This feature is particularly useful if you need to find invoices from a specific period or if you want to check on invoices that are overdue.

Another important filter is the country filter, which allows you to narrow down your invoices by the country of your worker.

You can explore the other filter options you have to organize your invoices as you wish.

Congratulations, you have made it! 🚀

If you have further questions, feel free to contact our support team via chat 😊

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