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What information should I know about my payments?
What information should I know about my payments?

This article solves some common question related to payment process

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✔️What is my payment day?

You can see the payment days in your contract, in the contract section (step by step) you can see this information, according to what you have agreed with your company.

✔️ When should you pay me?

From our app, you can see in the contracts section, how to carry out the process. Your contract shows the value that your company must pay you. In case you want to follow up from our payments section you can consult.

✔️How do payments work?

Payments work as follows:

1. The first thing is that your company must carry out the process of approving your payment.

2. After your company approves your payment, it must invoice.

3. When it has already been approved and invoiced, the next thing is that on the dates stipulated in your contract, the payment will be made to you, normally at the end or in the middle of the month.

✔️What is SWIFT code?

The swift code is the way in which a bank can be identified when a money transfer is made to an account. Therefore, it is important that you add this number to make the transaction to your bank correctly.

✔️What is the routing number?

The routing number is a sequence of nine digits used by banks to identify specific financial institutions in the United States.

✔️What is the conversion rate?

Regarding your conversion rate, we send the money in dollars and your bank is in charge of making the conversion to your local currency. This conversion is based on the rate on the day the transaction is made, therefore, it may vary.

If you have further questions, feel free to contact our support team via chat 😊

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