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Account Verification: Why It is still pending?
Account Verification: Why It is still pending?

This is an article that helps to understand the reason why the account is not verified and why did appear a "pending verification" message.

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When you create your account, the first step that you must complete is the verification process. Once you have completed this process, you may see a yellow banner. It will disappear within a maximum of 24 hours while the system completes the verification automatically.

Sometimes this process cannot be completed manually due to possible mistakes in the process. In these cases, you can contact our support team to validate and help you complete the verification manually. (Remember to wait the 24 hours mentioned before requesting support).

Why might the verification process take more than 24 hours?

👉 If the photo of your ID or document does not have enough light or is blurred, the system may not be able to extract the information needed to validate it.

👉 The document that you used is expired so the verification can't be completed automatically and you may need to repeat the verification process with a new document.

👉 You have made more than 1 verification process so the information has been duplicated in the system. In this case, you need help to complete the verification manually.

When your account is verified successfully, you will see a green banner like this:

If you have further questions, feel free to contact our support team via chat 😊

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