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The reason for this article is to provide certain recommendations that allow you to make your transfers effective as quickly as possible (or with the least difficulty).

  • Check beforehand that the recipient's data is correct and complete:

Take the time necessary to verify the accuracy of the recipient's data (names and lastnames, identity document, bank and type of destination account, exact address and, in many cases, IBAN, SWIFT, BIC, etc. According to the case).

For third party accounts, additional to the above information, is very important that you write the full name of the bank account owner and his/her correct number ID.

  • Make sure to make your interbank transfers before the cut-off time:

All money transactions that are activated after the cut-off time are processed the next business day, which may cause a delay in the settlement time of the funds in the destination account. This cut -off hour normally is in the afternoon around 3 to 5 PM but you can validate with your bank account directly.

  • Try to request your transfers the first days of the week:

It is because all transactions just move on business days (No weekends or holidays) So if you request a withdraw on friday it will move only till monday.

For example: If you request a transaction on thursday afternoon, and the estimate time to arrive is 3 business days. The days that it will move would be Friday, Monday and Tuesday.

If you have further questions, feel free to contact our support team via chat 😊

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